IDEC has the most capable and modern facilities for the development of its products and services. Established in the Technology Park of Alava, it has two production plants, a wide and modern space for engineering, one of the largest white room in Europe and an area of Laboratory for the development of both special programs of R & D as special Projects of our clients.

In order to be able to make industrial series of high rates, the processes have been automated through both machinery and innovations in themselves. Automated cutting textile systems, Presses for low and medium pressure injection processes, Injection systems for low and medium pressure for mono component resins and bi component.

Hot forming.

NC cutting.

White room with controlled environment.

Quality and non destructive inspection room. Automated measuring machines with mechanical probes and laser contact less probes. Ultrasonic measuring systems standard and phased array.

Shop area
Productive plants in Parke of Alava
Quality. Dimensional inspection
NC Cutting
Clean room. Enviroment controlled
Tooling Area

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