IDEC participates in the development of the future Disruptive Helicopter Project - LIDER whose objective is the design of new aerostructures for current or future helicopters, its standards are in line with new world needs, in terms of energy efficiency and decarbonization, aerodynamic improvements, the environmental impact and circular economy. All this without compromising flight and operation capabilities. There is a comprehensive approach including the design of new elements, research on the use of new lightweight materials, developing new technologies for manufacturing and meeting new specifications for installing and assembly.

This project has been subsidized by the CDTI; file number PTAG-20221005 for the year 2022, under the aid granting procedure for Sectoral Strategic Initiatives for Business Innovation, namely, “ The Aeronautical Technological Program”. This is within the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience framework Plan (financed by Next Generation EU funds, including the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism), the State program to Catalyze Innovation and Business Leadership, within the State Plan for Scientific, Technical Research and Innovation 2021- 2023.

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